Lift deadweight division and usage

Travelling lift

The deadweight of this type of lift is 300kg, 500kg, 1t, 2t, 3t.

A 300kg lift, usually carrying one or two persons, for aerial maintenance operations; 500 kg lift, usually, except for people, sometimes the lift will put something heavy; Lifts of 1 ton and above usually carry appreciable weights.

When the customer buys the elevator again, we generally advise the customer: can buy the high elevator, do not buy the low elevator. Especially in the use of the scenario is uncertain, it is recommended to buy a high lift. Because once you use a high one, your elevator doesn't go that high, and you feel like you're in a lot of trouble. For deadweight, we also recommend a larger lift. After all, working at height is safe.

For example, a customer, to go up to the maintenance of electric hoist. The gourds are very heavy, and they go on the elevator. At this time, we suggest the customer buy a 1 ton elevator.

Stationary lift

The deadweight of this type of lift varies from 300 kg to 5 tons. Generally buy this kind of elevator, customers are fixed in a place to use as a freight elevator. Some customers have their lifts fixed to the ground, others have them fixed to the pit. It should be noted that if the elevator is outside and is fixed in the pit, waterproof measures should be taken to prevent the elevator from soaking. When placing heavy objects on the lift, place them in the middle of the lift so that the weight of the lift is balanced.

Aluminium alloy elevator

There are only two standards for this type of lift, 100kg lift and 200kg lift. The 100kg lift is for the last man. The lift with a load of 200 kilograms is for two people. The characteristics of this type of lift are: the lift weight is relatively light, the outline size is relatively small. Lifts are generally used indoors. For example, the elevator needs to enter the elevator, the general iron lift into the do not go, and the aluminum alloy lift function into.

Car lift

As the name suggests, this type of elevator is adapted to cars. His carrying capacity is the same as that of a mobile lift. Namely mobile lift remove the wheel, lift part on the car, with the car fixed firmly. The reason why the customer refitted to the car, is generally the use of the lift occasions are different, often run a long way to change places. Modification to the car solves the lift movement problem.