How to choose the voltage of lifting platform?

Today to the customers who have ordered, and are ready to fix the platform to popularize a knowledge.

How to choose the voltage of lifting platform?

The standard voltage of the lifting platform is 380 v and 220 v, and it can be equipped with 24 V DC power supply and AC/DC dual use.

First of all, in order to ensure sufficient current at the start of the lifting platform with 220 v voltage, attention should be paid to:

1. The power line shall be equipped with 4 to 6 square power lines, and the length of the power line shall be * within 30 meters.

2. Connect power cord * to knife or source, do not connect to plug board.

380V lifting platform, with no special requirements, line length does not matter, after all, it is industrial electricity.

So, at 220 volts and 380 volts, what should the customer do?

Let's start with our actual sales volume: the actual sales volume of 220 volts accounts for 80% and 380 volts for 20%.

The reason is simple. Everyone thinks 220 is easy to connect to. You can find it anywhere.

Now Let me give the client a piece of advice.

The price of 220V is the same as that of 380V, and the function of lifting platform is the same. Customers can choose either one.

If you have 380 volt power supply on site, choose 380 volt.

If you choose 220 voltage, just pay attention to the above mentioned usage.

Secondly, when should we choose 24 volt DC and AC/DC?

24 v DC power supply, suitable for no power, not convenient access to power.

Both ac and DC. It is suitable for unstable working situation, and it is impossible to predict whether there is power supply on site.

Choose these two configuration, the price needs to calculate separately.

After the above introduction, do you know how to choose the voltage of the lifting platform?